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Two sisters grow up with their parents and friends in 1980s Ibadan. A major event happens, causing a tear in the fabric of the close-knit family. One daughter, Morayo, changes, growing up to be the opposite of what they were both raised to be, putting her at odds with her family members. Yet, she finds solace in an older female family member, who becomes a mentor and guardian, Aunt Morenike, whose encouragement and mentorship early in Morayo’s life would later help her to come to terms with her lot, and let go of fear. Daughters Who Walk This Path is didactic, seeking to educate, to enlighten its reader on societal issues that need more attention. First is the stigma that comes with having albinism. Morayo’s sister, Eniayo, from the day that she is born, becomes a subject of gossip and superstition, even from her own family members. Her lack of pigmentation is seen as ‘bad luck’, and she is subjected to taunting and jeering from her peers throughout childhood. Anot

Movie review- PASSENGERS (By Adebisi Adebusayo)

Year : 2016 Director : Morten Tyldum Produce rs : Stephen Hamel, Ori Mamur, Neal H. Moritz, Michael Maher Screenwriter :Jon Spaihts Cast : Jenni fer Lawrence, Chr is Pratt, Michael Sheen Genre : Sci-fi film, Action Film, Romance Fil m   Two people find love in an unusual place when they set out on the journey of a lifetime aboard a spaceship Rating: 3.5/5 This may be a long shot, but imagine waking up too early in a spaceship bound for another planet. 90 years too early. Scary, right? That’s exactly what happened in Passengers featuring Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence. I saw a trailer of the movie on TV and I was fascinated by the duo. I mean, who wouldn’t want to see a combination of the humorous star lord and a badass arrow shooting tribute. See what I did there? Movie geeks will get me. In short, I would have dismissed it as another sci-fi movie with lots of holograms, artificial intelligence, floating talking computers and othe

Movie Review: LA LA LAND

Year : 2016 Director : Dami e n Chaz elle Produce rs : Fred Berger, Jordan Horowitz, Marc Platt, Gary Gilbert Screenwriter : Dami en Chazelle Cast : Ryan Go sling, Emma Stone, John Legend Genre : Musical, Comedy, Romance Film, Drama Film   Sebastian, a struggling jazz pianist, and Mia, an aspiring actress, fall in love with while pursuing their dreams in present-day Los Angeles.  Rating: 4/5 The opening act of this film was impressive in that it was different from the usual and had some of the excitement and action usually associated with a climax. From beginning to end, every action or dialogue is mesmerizing, purposeful and bold.  Sebastian and Mia are a bit new to Los Angeles, and still adjusting when the story begins. Mia works as a barista in a coffee shop while often attending auditions in an effort to realise her dream of becoming an actress. Sebastian plays the piano at a high-class restaurant, where he is really unhappy be

Flash Fiction: THE MEETING

Gani hurried to the other side of the room, heart racing at the implications of what he had just seen- Fawad, lying unmoving on the floor, eerily, too still for one so active as he. They had been going to scout for lunch together when Fawad slumped suddenly, in the middle of the kitchen. Before Gani could turn back to support his brother, one of THEM had come into the room and taken him away. Not before a lot of screeching and cursing though. Gani, in hushed tones explained to his mother what had happened and the old one just nodded silently. They had all known Fawad was sick- it was a miracle he had lived this long. He shared the meagre portion of garri he could find with her as they waited for nightfall. Then, they would meet with the rest of the clan to continue their discussions. They were losing members everyday to starvation, and something had to be done about it. Their chief, Ebiye, would chair tonight's meeting. Finally night came, and everywhere w