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(Photo- 'East China Sea   off the south of Satsuma Peninsula at night '- Takeshi Kuboki) Lost at sea I find myself adrift Although I'd rather sail,  I’m tossed in the tide and carried by currents If I could hear you say my name One more time Then my heart would be glad For our journey together Was more anticipated And more enjoyable Than all the travelling I ever did Without you in it Life's tapestry loses color Still, I am content Just to lay here Thinking of you And if I die, I’ll know That the last thing I saw Were the stars in the sky above

Three Poems for the Death of a Bird

(Painting- 'Wee Wonder'- Sarah Jane Conklin) The Birth Born in a high place In the heat of summer In a secret spot  Still yet concealed The beginning of a story, Conceived with purpose, It came into existence as hope A product of eagerness, It danced to the tune of affection Flourishing and thriving in the uncertainty A long-awaited spawn, an heir And faith’s progeny The Flight The little strong-winged creature did take off Flying high for the first time It saw the hills and country, Indeed, it saw the city It stopped for rest on a sky-high rooftop This bird sang all the songs Yet, its heart was weak A champion for tomorrow And harbinger of expectation Yes, it saw all the bright colors Short-term survivor Unaware of its doom The Death And the bird floundered Having flown too far too high The wind was gone Endless flapping to stay on course It flailed and dropped Landing on a tree branch Perhaps it cou